10 Ways to Celebrate U.S. National Health IT Week in Your Hometown

With participants from Alaska to Puerto Rico, U.S. National Health IT Week is a nationwide awareness week focused on catalyzing actionable change within the U.S. health system through the application of information and technology. Here are 10 ways you can celebrate:

1. Post
Show your support via social media. Tweet about #NHITWeek and highlight U.S. National Health IT Week on Facebook, your website and other digital media outlets. Learn more

2. Promote
Get the word out that you are celebrating U.S. National Health IT Week. Add it to your online calendar, website, email signature, newsletter or other communications. Display the U.S. National Health IT Week poster in elevators, hallways, offices, cafeterias, on vending machines, bulletin boards, etc. Learn more

3. Incorporate
If you already have an event in the works, plan to host it during U.S. National Health IT Week. Get tips for announcements, communications and additional promotions for your event. Learn more

4. Celebrate
Host an internal event to thank your staff as well as bring meaning and context to the work they do throughout the year. Learn more

5. Write
Customize the U.S. National Health IT Week news release template and distribute the release to local healthcare and IT reporters, editors and broadcast producers in your city. Add the U.S. National Health IT Week avatar along with your own to demonstrate the issue’s magnitude. We encourage stories tapping into the four Points of Engagement.

If you’re a U.S. National Health IT Week Partner, contribute your thought leadership via a blog post. Before writing, please view our writing guidelines. Please note, we have past the 2018 deadline and are no longer accepting submissions. Learn more

6. Share
Consider submitting your #IHeartHIT story. #IHeartHIT is a year-long storytelling initiative that aims to shed light on the opportunities and impact health information and technology can have on improving health and how care is delivered. Share your story

7. Proclaim
Working with the mayor or governor’s office, proclaim this year's dates as U.S. National Health IT Week in your city or state. Be sure to publicize the proclamation for maximum benefit. Learn more

8. Host
Gather policy experts, health IT professionals and other stakeholders to host an event providing the latest information about health IT. Invite employees, elected officials, the public, the media and other stakeholders. Events can be face-to-face or virtual. Learn more

9. Conduct
Hold a tour of your facility for local and state officials, such as your Congressional representative, state legislators or state health IT coordinator, to illustrate how technology is improving care delivery. Learn more

10. Reach Out
Hold a media session with snacks or a light meal to brief several reporters at one time or arrange one-on-one appointments with journalists to brief them at their convenience. Learn more