When the Pager Goes Off at 2:00AM as an IT Professional

Dennis Smith

Having been an IT Health Professional for 25 + years now, you start to realize a few things when your help is needed.

  • When you are called to assist there is always someone on the other side that is trying to treat, diagnose, or stabilize someone's loved one. I always remembered this when I was called no matter the time of day or night. I certainly didn't want my mother, daughter, or anyone that I loved not able to get the help that they needed because an IT application or system was unavailable.
  • Emergency Departments or similar units are crippled when IT systems or applications are down. When a discharge instruction or a prescription cannot be entered or printed the patient care comes to a crawl. This impacts everyone, the clinician and patient, and all the patients waiting for care.

My role is to ensure that these systems and applications are available, and that is how I connect to the purpose of caring for patients and members.