Improving the quality of patient care

Eva Karp, RN-BC, MBA, FACHE, vice chair, HIMSS HIT User Experience Committee
I have been involved in healthcare informatics for more than 25 years and still love it today! It makes a difference for clinicians at the bedside, as well as the patient’s they care for. When I practiced in a neuro-trauma unit, I always wondered if the care and interventions we provided actually mattered. Now with enabling technologies, such as the EHR with data integration, infusion pumps, and monitoring solutions, we are able to reduce labor-intensive, fragmented clinical care team workflows and created data liquidity that enables better care for our patients. For example, nurses for years have been manually entering data from devices that capture clinical data. With today's innovations this data no longer requires a nurse to be a data entry clerk. The data flows directly into the EHR within the appropriate workflows. This supports the ability for nurses to leverage their clinical reasoning to make decisions more quickly. Every day, with this data, we are acquiring new knowledge and wisdom through data analytics and machine learning. The possibilities are as open as our imaginations and inquisitive natures, and healthcare professionals are rich with both.