IHeartHIT: My Story

Kristin Hagen, ACMSS, Executive Director

I heart health IT because not only am I  a career clinical informatics professional and healthcare provider, but I am also a woman who suffered debilitating injuries at age 19 and endured multiple surgeries as a result of an “original” high-powered first-generation airbag accident (1994), and then again a few years later from an accident involving a redesigned second-generation air bag. I lived with the immediate life-changing and significant injuries for nearly two decades on my small frame before proposed changes to our healthcare system, and my pioneering endeavors, opened the way for me, and now others, to get better, advancing clinical care systems and medicine across the specialties, innovating new paths to consumers to wellness.

Finding my way back to wellness wasn’t easy under the old, siloed, paper-based health information system. It took more than 19 years of my own research by paper and then several years of ongoing work with my healthcare provider to create a wellness plan to bring me back to full recovery, utilizing precision medicine. Like systems design, my entire frame had to be rebuilt using precise preventive/Integrative Medicine, including vitamins, minerals, chiropractic, massage, and nutrient therapy, in regimented routine, to keep moving my course forward to overcome, and stay well in preventive medicine - the same outcomes toward our nation and its future.

At the American College of Medical Scribe Specialists, of which I am executive director, we believe that our evolving American healthcare system and reimbursement schemes have created an environment that allows us to become partners with our practitioners in our care, and that is where an effective wellness plan and prevention starts. However, we don’t want to see that slip away, and it could do that in our nation if we don’t look up from the technology, and then past it as an end-all,catch-alll, to the "enabler" it can be. ACMSS uniquely understands true Meaningful Use and assists our nation's physicians daily, revolutionizing clinical care through "people" in providing direct physician-patient/physician-client relationships to wellness with proven and sustainable outcomes.