Going Beyond the Call

Bridget Harrington

My company provides outsourced software support services for a variety of healthcare clients, most notably, home health aides, who travel from client to client in the course of their day. As such, we often speak with clinicians who are between clients or in a client’s home and not at their agency facilities or personal residences.

Earlier this year, I took a call from a clinician who was in her car and needed assistance with her EHR software. As a safety precaution, I asked her to please pull off the road to talk and waited while she did so. While she was doing this, another driver rear-ended her! She sounded absolutely terrified! I stayed on the line with her, monitoring the situation and helping to keep her calm. A passerby who responded to the accident got on the line a few moments later and told me that she was pretty shaken up, but physically unhurt. She also told me that how I handled the situation was greatly helpful. I wondered how different would the outcome be if, for example, the woman were not calm enough to follow instructions or answer questions.

This was by far the most unusual call that I've received, and I called the woman a few times over the next several days to make sure that she was personally still doing well. This is but one example of how I'm committed to “going beyond the call” with all of the healthcare professionals that I help. #IHeartIT because I'm more than a support technician, I'm a partner in our customer’s day-to-day lives.

Justin Larabee, Level 1 Support Technician, UnityBPO