Care Coordination Success with Health IT

Velvet Thorne

I’ve worked in the healthcare industry for more than 30 years now, most recently acting as the care coordination lead for a statewide Medicare Shared Savings Program ACO in the northeast. Healthcare IT has been invaluable in my efforts helping intellectually and developmentally disabled patients manage their chronic conditions.

There are so many facets to dealing with specialized patient populations. They require a lot of support and technology enables me to better support them on their care journey. The patient analytics platform we leverage makes it easy for our team to identify care gaps and patients that have stalled on their care journey. This helps me focus my efforts so I can prioritize the patients most in need of immediate intervention.

Our platform allows me to connect directly with patients’ various care providers in one place, which helps me streamline care transitions, easily engage various resources and keep care teams on the same page. My ability to quickly answer the needs of patients by using these tools has a direct and dramatic impact on patient satisfaction.

These resources make my job easier which, in turn, helps alleviate patient frustration. I’ve been able to help our network increase annual wellness visits and avoid some of the financial losses associated with discharge planning and readmissions gaps. This would have been virtually impossible to do without an immense amount of manual work it we didn’t have an analytics platform to lean on.

It’s so satisfying to see patients make gains and shift away from high-risk stratification. Our collective ability to use technology to identify, engage, track and predict at-risk patient populations will have a tremendous impact on the success of our industry and the patient lives we are responsible for.

I, for one, am honored to be a part of it all.