#IHeartHIT Stories

Joel Barthelemy
How a dad inspired his son to improve access to quality care in ways he could never have imagined. Read more
Scott Raymond
When running a full code in the back of an ambulance traveling 80 miles per hour, your decisions needed to be fast and correct. Read more
Katie Robinson
As we grow older, get married, have children (not necessarily in that order, but speaking from personal experience), it is human nature for ... Read more
Andy Smith
The birth of a child is at once emotional, nerve-wracking, and exhausting, and that's just when things go right. After the birth of my third ... Read more
Aundrea Price
Long before I was a health analyst, I was a patient. And I've been one ever since. Read more
Gary Palgon
Camp Sunshine provides year-round programming for children with cancer and their families. In addition to the summer, weekend and daily activities, ... Read more
Genevieve Morris
Fighting for nationwide interoperability and health IT that works well is hard work; there are barriers and challenges galore, and we can all ... Read more
Brian Mack
I Heart HIT for its potential and promise to give families like mine the possibility of happier endings in their healthcare journeys. Read more
Elizabeth Anderson
My story is one of ongoing medical errors resulting in two life-threatening issues. Read more