#IHeartHIT Stories

Velvet Thorne
Healthcare IT has been invaluable in my efforts helping intellectually and developmentally disabled patients manage their chronic conditions. Read more
Information Services Division ISD
UNC Health Care (UNCHC) celebrates National Health IT Week - Supporting Healthy Communities and Driving Transformation.This ... Read more
Beju Shah
My journey in leveraging data and automation has led me towards a mission of transforming bad systems into much more effective, highly efficient and ... Read more
Leslie Kelly Hall
So why get involved in interoperability? Every one of us have had a story about how they themselves or their family member was not getting ... Read more
Brian Fung
Hi, my name is Brian. I'm an informatics pharmacist. Happy National Health IT Week. Read more
Chris Logan
The most rewarding part of my job is connecting with customers about the power of Health IT and helping enable the highest quality of care for ... Read more
Alan Swenson
I work in interoperability every day, and unfortunately, stories of interoperability not being there with outcomes far different than that of my ... Read more
Emma Hardt
A fundamental thing that connects people is language. It’s how we tell stories, how we pass on knowledge and how we get through interactions ... Read more
Rich Metzger
Improving EMR usability for a frustrated practice improved patient care and changed my career. Read more