There are myriad ways to bring our nation's attention to the power that information and technology have to reform our health ecosystem and support healty communities. Here are just a few. Need more help? Let us know at

View the National Health IT Week Partner Engagement Webinar recording and slides for a complete overview of policy activities, partner engagement and social media tips. 

Plan Activities
Celebrate the role of information and technology in transforming health through a variety of events and activities.

  • Host an event dedicated to U.S. National Health IT Week and supporting healthy communities.
  • Incorporate activities and actions into an already planned event.
  • Celebrate your organization’s and staff’s contributions and impact on transforming health. 

Promote Your Involvement
Highlight your thought leadership and the great work your organization is doing. 

  • Download promotional materials. Include U.S. National Health IT Week avatars and banners in your announcements, blogs, email signatures, newsletters and website.
  • Post your thought leadership. Share content on one or all five of the U.S. National Health IT Week points of engagement, publish that content to your organization’s website and social channels, and share it with your personal and professional networks. 
  • Post on social media. Highlight #NHITWeek on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social channels.
  • Share within your organization. Spread the word that you are participating in U.S. National Health IT Week, and educate your organization on how information and technology is transforming health.  
  • Reach out to media. Prepare a press release, and distribute it to local health information and technology reporters, news editors and producers.
  • Share your #IHeartHIT story#IHeartHIT is a yearlong storytelling initiative that aims to shed light on the opportunities and impact health information and technology can have on improving health and healthcare delivery. View #IHeartHIT stories, and share your #IHeartHIT story with your personal and professional network.

Advocate for the Power of Health Information and Technology
Advocate for federal, state and local policies around supporting healthy communities.

  • Write to your legislators through the Virtual March. Look for details on the HIMSS Policy Center soon.
  • Proclaim NHIT Week in your city or state with a proclamation from your Governor’s or Mayor’s office.