#IHeartHIT Stories

Janet Hohmann
“We have to change the culture if we want to change the numbers.” (Fortune Magazine 2015) And women are involved in 80% of healthcare ... Read more
Shweta Gupta
Witnessing our industry struggle with the basics of interoperability and clinical records management, it has become evident to me that we will lag ... Read more
Aaron Fulner
“I’m really looking forward to going to the DMV today!” said no one ever. Health plans, as we near Open Enrollment period, how do you think ... Read more
Kim Rushton
Every project in the healthcare world has an underlying common goal: better patient outcomes. Today’s technology helps us to more efficiently and ... Read more
Patty Mechael, EVP, Personal Connected Health Alliance
I have always been an early adopter of technology, and as a public health professional, have always ... Read more
Elizabeth Hartley-Sommers
Over the course of my life as a patient, caregiver, nurse and HIT professional, I have seen the evolution of HIT first hand. We are ... Read more
Kristin Hagen, ACMSS, Executive Director
I heart health IT because not only am I a career clinical informatics professional and healthcare provider, but I am ... Read more
Mindi Bolssen
With a patient portal literally at my fingertips via my smartphone, I have twenty-four seven access to schedule my routine healthcare exams, ... Read more
Doug Dietzman
Leveraging health IT to aid in achieving the Triple Aim is not just an intellectual exercise. For me and my family, making healthcare more ... Read more