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If your organization has an upcoming announcement or an event, plan to hold it during NHITWeek. That way you can celebrate NHIT Week as part of the festivities.

During your event, carve out five minutes to highlight your organization’s participation in NHIT Week. If possible, have an organization leader (CEO, CIO) discuss the benefits of health IT and how your organization is one of hundreds of partners across the U.S. participating in NHIT Week.

When promoting your event through newsletters, press releases, emails, social media, face-to-face communications, etc., be sure to add a line about your organization’s participation in NHIT Week.

Include NHIT Week branding in your event where possible, either with a podium sign, backdrop, poster, or banner.

If your event occurs during NHIT Week, it will be promoted on the Events Page on the NHIT Week Website. Fill out the Event Form, to have your event promoted with NHIT Week activities.