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Let your internal audiences—employees, board of directors’ members, vendors, and other stakeholders—know about your organization’s participation in NHIT Week. Here are several ways to tell your colleagues:

· Display posters. Hang the NHIT Week poster provided by NHIT Week leaders in your facility. These posters may be displayed in elevators, hallways, offices, cafeterias, on office bulletin boards, on vending machines, etc.

·Promote NHIT Week in your newsletter. Place an article in your organization’s newsletter.  You can write an article yourself or use the customizable newsletter article available in this toolkit.

·Leverage your organization’s digital media tools. Your organization may have a place online where staff members post updates about projects. These digital tools may include an intranet system, internal email, or message boards. Use these existing tools to update your internal audiences about your NHIT Week plans.

·Update employees at staff meetings. Whether you mention NHIT Week at an all-staff meeting or department gathering, discussing how your organization plans to celebrate NHIT Week will get your staff enthused and engaged about the festivities. Be sure to include your organization’s NHIT Week plans on your staff meeting agendas.

·Encourage your staff to get involved. When people are involved in planning or executing an event, they get excited about the activities. Whether it’s volunteering to help with event logistics, welcoming guests at a seminar, or setting up the room, there is a place for all staff members to lend a hand and get involved.