Using Our Moments to Impact Someone Else’s

Jack King

Some experiences move us in ways that we never imagined. Being present in the moments that most challenge us, often change us. Unfortunately, for those who have experienced the agony of watching a friend or loved one suffer through debilitating illness, we’ve seen the frequent opportunities for improvement across the continuum of care in our healthcare industry. Witnessing these moments reinforced my desire to help in whichever way I could. Admittedly, I didn’t know enough to practice medicine; however, I could certainly help improve the lives of our caregivers and patients through the implementation and optimization of technology.

There is no doubt that those who directly take care of our patients are certainly the front line of providing world class care and outcomes. It’s a privilege to stand with them and assist this group of folks who are helping to make a real Impact in the lives of others. Thankfully, working in health IT provides the unique opportunity to improve the patient’s interaction with their caregivers on many levels. What we do in health IT is not easy. Often, we find ourselves at the intersection of the two most dangerous groups of people in the world; those who want to change everything, and those who want to change nothing. It’s a tremendous chance to deliver results and broker peace by retaining what works while helping others to understand the potential benefits that are readily available through the thoughtful implementation of technology.

Make no mistake, these are the defining moments. The “aha” moments when independent thinkers realize that they are tightly woven members of interdependent processes. Ultimately,these moments have a way of building upon themselves and presenting us with the opportunities to help make a difference in the lives of the most fragile among us. For this, I am thankful.