That's Sweet Health IT

Alison South

Health IT, to me, means saving the lives I love most. Up close and personal, health IT and the wonderful Oncology team at UCSF’s Moffitt Cancer Center saved my nephew’s life. As a teenager with Neuroblastoma, my nephew did not have a good prognosis. He entered a clinical trial at the Moffitt Cancer Center in San Francisco, CA and over a year later was completely cancer-free. Over five years later, he is still cancer-free and receives incredible follow-up support from his same team.

Clinical trials are important medical research studies that can ultimately advance the standard of care for all individuals who face cancer, both now and in the future. It’s critical to develop new and better strategies for the prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment of various types of malignancies; and once these strategies are developed, they must be evaluated through controlled research studies.

Clinical trials – supported by health IT – offer participants unique opportunities to be among the first to benefit from recent, scientific progress that has the potential to enhance patient outcomes and quality of life. After sleeping in a chair for over 50 nights in my nephew’s room at UCSF, I saw health IT in action and how it, as complicated as cancer treatment is, ultimately translated into everyday decisions to save a beautiful life. That’s sweet health IT!