A Shift In Emotions

Joel Ruiz

I’ve only worked in health IT for a year, but something that will always stand out to me is the gratitude I receive when I helped a clinician or office manager through a difficult IT issue.

About a month ago, a business office manager called for help because she was working remotely and could not obtain access to any of her domain resources. She had been evacuated from her Care Center because of threats from the weather. Due to the high-stress situation, she was understandably panicked and in distress.

Troubleshooting the remote connectivity presented no difficulty for me. However, feeling her stress, my challenge was to make sure to reassure her that we were in it together! I went through all the steps of troubleshooting with her and got her connection back.

While working with her, I could feel the shift in her attitude from worried and unnerved to relieved and grateful.

That shift of emotion helps me remember why I work at UnityBPO. I’m able to help create a better life for someone every single day.