NHIT: Expanding the Opportunity – it’s personal

Janet Hohmann

I am so excited that one of the key themes this year for #NHIT week is the expansion of opportunities for women in HIT and STEM.

A year or so ago, Fortune Magazine published an article about the disparity in female leadership in business with this quote, “We have to change the culture if we want to change the numbers.” This resonated with me deeply. And women are involved in 80% of healthcare decisions for their families, but we are only 14% of the c-suite. And as the mother of a young girl, I never want to see her choices limited or her potential stymied because of her gender. I believe firmly, that by highlighting the visibility of our female leaders, we can raise young women and girls’ expectations for themselves.

And I received tremendous support from our CEO, Sunny Singh, and Edifecs to launch the #WhatIRun campaign in conjunction with Ryka shoes and brightpink.org. We invited our employees, partners, customers, friends, and other women to join the conversation. To share what they run. To show the power of women. Most of the time, you only see snippets or catch a glimpse into all of what women manage and drive on a daily basis. So we invited women everywhere to share what they run on your social channels using the hashtag #WhatIRun Our mission: we want tomorrow’s leaders, our daughters and nieces and friends, to understand that what they can achieve is limitless… to pursue careers as business and IT leaders.

We invited female leaders to raise their voices and share their stories so young women and girls raise their expectations for themselves by seeing all you do. Today I am very proud of our programs success and the visibility is has garnered. But there is still so much work to do. We hope you will join us and share #WhatIRun #NHITWeek #IheartHIT