Here's Why I Heart Health IT as an Exec and a Mom

Niki Buchanan

I have worked in health IT for over 12 years, and I have experienced firsthand the shift from a fee-for-service world to value-based care models and population health methodologies. During my career, I have worked for a major electronic medical record (EMR) vendor and on an EMR implementation team at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, and I currently work for a solutions vendor in population health. As technology and processes have advanced, I have personally benefitted from Health IT.

My son Shenlin is from China. When Shenlin was six years old, my husband and I adopted him and brought him to the U.S. to join our family. Shenlin was born with club feet—both left and right—and shortened digits due to amniotic band syndrome while he was in the womb. Before we adopted our son, we did extensive research on his conditions. Shenlin had already received surgery on one of his feet in China, but the other still needed attention. Although we knew major challenges were ahead of us, we were confident that the U.S. healthcare system would provide our son with the best care, and the best possible chance to succeed and lead a healthy life. Read more