Healthcare IT: One Less Worry

Kevin Weston

Four years ago, my partner had gone to our primary physician with a complaint of a sore throat and puffiness in his neck. We were sent for tests a few days later at an imaging office the physician is affiliated with. I hadn’t even pulled out of the parking lot when I received a call to come back to the office. A few minutes later, we received the diagnosis of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and immediately were referred to an oncologist who was affiliated with our physician.

At the oncologist office, the lab and imaging results were in the system and a care plan was established. Upon completion of chemotherapy, the radiation oncologist began his portion of the treatment. Due to an electronic medical record they were all a part of, every test, lab result and medication administered was available for review. The electronic medical record lived up to its expectation!

Knowing that all of my partner’s medical information was available set my mind at ease. I knew each physician was able to see the whole picture. Therefore, I was able to focus on the matters at hand and not worry if the insurance information was correct or if the latest lab results were in.

Even today, follow up visits are made easier by having one less worry knowing the latest imaging result or lab work available is in the system. I heart HIT for being there by making a difficult situation so much easier and allowing me to focus on what really mattered. I am proud to be a consultant in health IT and hope that what I do has a positive Impact on other’s as it did on me. Also, I am happy to say the treatment was successful and my partner is now in remission!