Health IT As Part of My Care Team

Samantha Burch

Five years ago I was sent for a routine MRI for headaches. When I carried the CD of my images out of the imaging center on that Thursday evening I never could have imagined I would get a call the next morning informing me that I had a large, obstructive brain tumor. Because of a lack of interoperability, my neurologist wasn’t able to view the images of the tumor until I arrived at her office with the CD, leaving me to only imagine the worst case scenario about my prognosis in those initial hours.

After being assessed by a neurosurgeon, I was immediately admitted to the hospital and went into surgery for a craniotomy to remove the tumor three days later. I feel so fortunate that I was able to receive treatment in a fully wired hospital with advanced health IT capabilities. After a week in intensive care, I returned home having experienced no complications and no infections. I defied all odds and went back to work in three weeks due to the amazing skill of my surgeons and the world class care I received from every member of my care team. Having experienced it first hand, I know that health IT was an important member of that care team, serving as a tool to support my physicians and nurses in providing high quality, safe and efficient care. And while I may never be able to exactly quantify the contribution of health IT to my amazing outcome, I know I would never want to experience medical care without it.

I want to personally thank the dedicated health IT professionals who are working every day to implement and optimize these tools to advance the goal of every patient experiencing the best possible outcome – just like I did.

#IHeartHIT because it helped ensure I got the right care and treatment at the right time.


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