Health IT in the OR

Jackson Mortley

Tensions in the Operating Room of the hospital where I work are always a little higher when there is a child being treated. Children are more fragile than adults and the OR staff are extra careful to avoid any mistakes.

One particular pediatrics case I was called into had an issue with vitals not crossing into the patient’s medical record. As I began to troubleshoot the issues I realized that the computer was not just having issues with vitals not crossing, but the computer had also lost its relationship with the domain. I could not perform the needed task that required my administrative credentials.

I explained to the anesthesiologist the issue and what I needed to do to fix it. The anesthesiologist remained calm but implored me to work as quickly as I could, given the sensitivity of the case.

Once I fixed the issue, I stayed in the room with the anesthesiologist for the remainder of the case to catch any further problems that might have occurred.

This story is just one of the reasons I Heart HIT. The opportunity to create a better life for others is why I love my job at UnityBPO - every day I’m given the opportunity to help a clinician impact the life of a patient.

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