Focused on Patients Due to Excellent Health IT

Nikki Brown

I absolutely love my physician network because of the integration of IT. My daughter and I span 2 medical networks, Dupage Medical Group and Edwards-Elmhurst Health (both in the West Suburbs of Chicago). Both networks are connected through a site/app called My Chart.

I initially started with Dupage Medical Group when I was pregnant and split different types of doctors when I moved closer to the Edwards Health Network. Because they are linked networks, I can view all of my medical histories in one place.

I have dealt with various health issues since the birth of my daughter and it has been very helpful to have my doctors be able to communicate with one another through the My Chart site to coordinate my health care options as well as see results such as what my blood pressure was at one appointment versus another.

I also chose a pediatrician for my daughter in Dupage Medical Group so all of her medical records are included in my same login to My Chart. I can make appointments, ask questions, view post appointment summaries (especially great when I'm too distracted with dealing with the emotion of a diagnosis), request referrals, request prescription refills, view historical test results, pay outstanding bills, etc. etc. etc.

Lastly, visits to the emergency room within this network is focused on patient care instead of lengthy paperwork because registration is handled online with mobile registration stations. The first time I experienced being able to go straight back to the room and see a nurse and even the doctor, instead of having to wait to register, I was in awe and relief. Whenever I'm involved in a conversation of Health & IT, I speak very highly of my physician network!