#IHeartHIT Stories

Dr. Michael R. Udwin
I now see technology as a support system for doctors and nurses to improve care and intensify their personal connections with patients. Read more
Jeff Coughlin
I'm fortunate to be able to approach health IT from a couple of different perspectives: first and foremost, as a consumer (both a parent and ... Read more
Eli Fleet
Five years ago, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, luckily it was caught in the early stages and she has been cancer-free ever since. It was ... Read more
Tom Leary
As the 2014 holiday season began, some “self-diagnosed” shortness of breath, and the stresses of the holiday season had me convinced I was having ... Read more
Afton Wagner
Past bills and records from the dentist, campus medical center, and other practitioners were lumped together in a folder I creatively entitled ... Read more
Samantha Burch
When I carried the CD of my images out of the imaging center on that Thursday evening I never could have imagined I would get a call the next ... Read more
Joyce Lofstrom
I have been living with chronic diseases for more than half of my life (since age 25). This is not a complaint, but simply, a statement of fact. Read more
Bertina Yen, MD, MPH
I learned first-hand how technology without adequate clinical input and engagement can impede clinician adoption. Read more
Sharon Wentz
Personal story and mission for HIT/HIE..."To help relieve suffering through better use of health information technology and health information ... Read more