#IHeartHIT Stories

Adam Tallinger
As a clinical pharmacist, it was always very fulfilling as well as obvious when I made an impact on a patient’s life. Whether direct advice to ... Read more
Barry Dickman
My experience in the healthcare field has enabled me to be a more effective advocate for myself as a patient and as a caregiver for my loved ones ... Read more
Stacie Rivera
Myth or fact? Do VA and DoD have the capability to “ensure that Veterans receive the highest level of coordinated care within VA or from ... Read more
Brian Lewis
The benefits of being able to obtain and review clinical data remotely cannot be overstated. Read more
Max Stroud
I might have an unhealthy love for Health IT. I think about it all the time. I get excited by new advances in technology, advances that will not only ... Read more
Eva Karp, RN-BC, MBA, FACHE, vice chair, HIMSS HIT User Experience Committee
Vice Chair of the HIMSS HIT User Experience Committee, Eva Karp, shares how she has ... Read more
Mari Greenberger
I recently became a mom. Since my daughter was born over 7 months ago, the way I think about the world and how people move through it has ... Read more
Dr. Michael R. Udwin
I now see technology as a support system for doctors and nurses to improve care and intensify their personal connections with patients. Read more
Jeff Coughlin
I'm fortunate to be able to approach health IT from a couple of different perspectives: first and foremost, as a consumer (both a parent and ... Read more