#IHeartHIT Stories

John O'Keefe
The recent hurricanes point out how far we’ve come in transforming care through the power of health IT. Read more
Kate Banks
When my athletic husband had a heart attack at the gym, and lived, thanks to decisive actions of first responders and accurate/accessible medical ... Read more
Cliff Searl
Who knows, maybe the survey saved her life, but at the very least, it saved the day. Please keep this patient experience in mind during your next ... Read more
Kristin Hagen, ACMSS, Executive Director
I heart health IT because not only am I a career clinical informatics professional and healthcare provider, but I am ... Read more
Linda Stotsky
Patients need actionable information. There has been little measurable progress over the last 17 years, regarding shared decision making. WE CAN ... Read more
Misti Janikowski
Because of these automated systems that worked within her medical record, and the care she received, I had extra time with my mother. Read more
Marisa Johnson
For National Health IT Week 2016 (Sept. 26-30), Spok customers and employees shared why they love health IT to raise awareness and help the ... Read more
Laura Manning Hill
“But what about the lump in my armpit?” Read more
Adam Tallinger
Seeing how interoperability can make a difference makes it even more exciting to see it finally becoming common. Read more