#IHeartHIT Stories

Alison South
Health IT, to me, means saving the lives I love most. Up close and personal, health IT and the wonderful Oncology team at UCSF’s Moffitt Cancer ... Read more
Gregg Prothero
My personal healthcare story starts when my perfectly healthy mother couldn’t fight off an innocuous cough. After multiple visits, her PCP ... Read more
John Kelly
One thing about working in healthcare is that in general, you can feel some good in the work you do. Even when so many aspersions are cast upon a ... Read more
Anna Vordermark
I heart HIT because it's not just about my health anymore Read more
Brian Mack
I Heart HIT for its potential and promise to give families like mine the possibility of happier endings in their healthcare journeys. Read more
Kevin Weston
I heart HIT for being there by making a difficult situation so much easier and allowing me to focus on what really mattered. Read more
Greg Wolverton
As a CIO at a hospital I hear many different stories about the role of connected patient care; however, it became personal for me in 2008, when ... Read more
Marisa Johnson
For National Health IT Week 2016 (Sept. 26-30), Spok customers and employees shared why they love health IT to raise awareness and help the ... Read more
Barry Dickman
My experience in the healthcare field has enabled me to be a more effective advocate for myself as a patient and as a caregiver for my loved ones ... Read more