#IHeartHIT Stories

Matthew Order
Interoperability perspectives from a patient growing up in the age of technology. Read more
James Stanford
I realized that day that through my tech support, I created a better life for that doctor and his patient. Read more
Jackson Mortley
Every day I’m given the opportunity to help a clinician impact the life of a patient. Read more
Alan Barbell
Many Doctors - One Record - One Patient Read more
Tamara StClaire
The North Star of health IT should be to improve the lives of our fellow humans. We must continue to challenge and refine the current models and ... Read more
Dr Nick van Terheyden
I practiced Telemedicine with my mother every week when she was alive. We did this on Facetime and it allowed me to catch up with her, see ... Read more
Lynne VanArsdale
There's a whole lot of Health IT in the mountains of Colorado! Read more
Christy Griesse
By integrating technology into hospital workflows, we were able to practically apply our solutions, deliver an improved work environment, and ... Read more
Ken Congdon
Why is it every time we go see a new doctor, it's like we're back at square one? We need to repeat the same narratives, paperwork and ... Read more