#IHeartHIT Stories

Genevieve Morris
Fighting for nationwide interoperability and health IT that works well is hard work; there are barriers and challenges galore, and we can all ... Read more
Elizabeth Anderson
My story is one of ongoing medical errors resulting in two life-threatening issues. Read more
Blake Schnitkey
This is the story of a dauntingly complicated premature birth and the amazing technologies that were afforded to us by a hospital system that ... Read more
Joel Ruiz
Feeling her stress, my challenge was to make sure to reassure her that we were in it together! Read more
Bridget Harrington
Dennis Smith
Pager starts going off, and you are still asleep and fuzzy. I hope that this is important and by all means "Yes" it is. Read more
Nikki Brown
Couldn't ask for a better integrated network! Read more
Matthew Order
Interoperability perspectives from a patient growing up in the age of technology. Read more
James Stanford
I realized that day that through my tech support, I created a better life for that doctor and his patient. Read more