#IHeartHIT Stories

Niki Buchanan
How my healthcare needs for my adopted child can and has been aided by HIT over the years. Read more
Pam Kaur
In the spirit of National Health IT Week, I share my story with you, not only so that you may understand my passion for this industry but to also ... Read more
Rich Piper
I work with interoperability every day. But my Mom’s recent health story has given me a new view on why we need to solve it now. Read more
Brent Nibarger
A story of how miscommunication and misdiagnosis led to tragedy and an example of why information and technology are so important in healthcare. Read more
Blake Schnitkey
This is the story of a dauntingly complicated premature birth and the amazing technologies that were afforded to us by a hospital system that ... Read more
Joel Ruiz
Feeling her stress, my challenge was to make sure to reassure her that we were in it together! Read more
Bridget Harrington
Dennis Smith
Pager starts going off, and you are still asleep and fuzzy. I hope that this is important and by all means "Yes" it is. Read more
Nikki Brown
Couldn't ask for a better integrated network! Read more