Proclaim National Health IT Week

2018 State/Local Proclamations and Recognitions

Determine Whether You Want a City or State Proclamation 
Work with your internal NHIT Week leadership team to decide whether you would prefer a city or state proclamation.

Allow Enough Time
Getting a proclamation takes at least eight weeks. Allow yourself enough time to contact the appropriate authorities, follow the government process and promote the proclamation.

Contact the Official’s Office
Start by contacting the mayor or governor’s office. While some offices may have a staff member exclusively devoted to proclamations, other staff members who may be of assistance include a public relations practitioner, communication officer, or an office manager.

Work Through the Process
Following the directions of your contact, go through the process step-by-step as they suggest. This will streamline the proclamation process and assure that you get the proclamation before NHIT Week.

Promote the Proclamation
Once you have obtained the proclamation, publicize it as part of NHIT Week. Send out a press release, tweet, write a blog, send an email to your internal audiences and include it in your internal newsletter. And please email us a copy or a link at!