Post on Social Media

Check out the NHIT Week Social Media Guide to get tips on enhancing your participation. Get all you need to know about hashtags, telling an inspiring story, and educating and engaging with your community.

1. Change Your Profile Image
Join the social media community as all stakeholders band together and show our commitment and passion for realizing the value of health IT by changing our profiles pictures during NHIT Week.

2. Grow Awareness of the Value of Health IT
Produce social media communications and content that educates your audience on how you create value through health IT for patients, healthcare providers and communities. HIMSS recommends starting to produce social media communications at least one month prior to NHIT Week to effectively reach and educate your audience.

Great social media content:

  • Puts the needs of your audience before your own
  • Is non-promotional
  • Invites responses by asking questions
  • Shares provocative, thought-leading insights
  • Focuses on the value of health IT
  • Celebrates the health IT community and its progress
  • Has a clear and engaging call to action

3. Listen!
Stop guessing. Take time to listen for and observe audience expectations, concerns and interests to help you be relevant and forward-thinking. Be sure to check out the:

  • The official hashtag for the event on Twitter, Facebook and Google+: #NHITweek
  • HIMSS’ social media communications for the event via LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

4. Be Present and Active
Be engaged and active in your social presence during NHIT Week to reach influencers and a larger health IT audience.

  • Listen and contribute to the greater #NHITweek conversation as it unfolds on Twitter and Facebook
  • Network with other NHIT Week participants through various digital and in-person events

5. Start a Dialogue
Leverage NHIT Week to create a dialogue with your audience around the value of health IT. Start a forward-thinking discussion via your LinkedIn Group, post visual content on your Facebook page or host a Twitter Chat. Good conversations require you to:

  • Connect with your audience’s needs before your own
  • Listen and be open minded
  • Be responsive
  • Be sincere and genuine
  • Show gratitude

6. Pen a Blog Post
Sharing original posts on the value of health IT from your unique perspective not only clues your audiences in on who you are, but showcases your contribution to the collective and ongoing health IT conversation. Blog posts should focus on idea sharing and avoid any mention of products or services. Check out the blogging guidelines for more information.

7. Create and Share Visual Content
Share your perspectives on the value of health IT by creating visual content about what the value of health IT means to you. Shoot a short video (less than 30 seconds), create an infographic and/or post a photo to your social channels during NHIT Week using the hashtag #NHITWeek and the HIMSS social team may share.

8. Keep the Buzz and Engagement Going Post Event

  • Produce a recap to highlight the best moments from the week. Socialize these posts by including tweets, photos from events, Facebook posts, videos, etc.
  • Keep the conversations going with your audience. This means you need to be producing social media communications consistently and creating opportunities to grow the dialogue with your audience.