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Zebu Compliance Solutions - We ensure services are rendered by appropriate caregivers, covered under the benefit plan, appropriately coded, eligible for payment, and that patients understand their personal financial responsibility. From license, exclusion, sanction and disciplinary monitoring of providers, to outlier identification, correct coding validation, bundling and pricing, we unite both providers and payers through one goal: enabling the right care, for the right patient, by the right provider, at the right time.

Zen Healthcare IT helps HIEs, health systems, providers, and HIT vendors solve challenging interoperability and health information exchange issues. Using technology tools, a unique Integration as a Service (IaaS) interoperability platform, and years of interop-know-how, Zen solves problems related to data acquisition, data normalization and mapping, and data delivery. Zen is quickly becoming a preferred partner to connect with Carequality and the go-to integration platform for organizations seeking to control their own data exchange destiny. Learn more about Zen’s services and the team at or call (949) 396-0361.

Zones provides IT solutions and related products for healthcare organizations across the U.S. Our dedicated healthcare team supported by technology experts, systems engineers, and solution architects, can help you use technology in ways that ensure high-quality care across your entire organization. Zones also offers the opportunity to achieve targets for minority business purchases, while maintaining access to every major IT manufacturer.