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Making Communities Healthier: Health IT and the Opioid Addiction Crisis
How we can leverage big data to help solve the opioid crisis.

How Better Data Can Tell a Better Patient Story
The more we work together, the better a patient story can be told and the better the patient outcome.

Immunization Information System Measurement and Improvement
Why interoperability between systems is a key priority across healthcare.

Overcoming Interoperability Challenges to Make the Michigan Care Improvement Registry an Important Tool to Assure Timely, Accurate Immunization of Patients
The concept of getting a vaccine at your doctor's office is simple, but behind the scenes, it is an incredibly complex technical feat over a decade in the making.

Expanding Access to Quality Home Healthcare Through Mobile Innovation
Why we should continue to push innovation in the home health field.

An Interwoven Problem: The Pain and Opioid Crises
A deeper dive into how data can hel patients manage their pain

Leveraging Social Determinants of Health Data to Improve Accountable Care Delivery and Gain a Complete Picture of Patients’ Needs 
Providers can offer better intervention and support by following these approaches 

Nothing Artificial: Using Artificial Intelligence and Streaming Analytics to Improve Healthcare Costs and Outcomes
Follow the steps to become more efficient with AI

Patient Engagement from the Persona Perspective
Utilizing data can help to develop profiles to improve patient health

Automation in Healthcare is Transforming Medicine
Clinicians are building workflows to improve automation processes

Health Information Technology and Business Intelligence Possess the Power to Transform an Entire Population’s Health
A reflection on how far the industry has come in the effective use of health data and technology to reshape the way we deliver care to patients.

Vaccine Data Collection through 2D Barcodes
Improving patient safety, health outcomes and patient experience while creating efficient and safe environments for staff with 2D barcodes on vaccines.

Catalyzing Change: Connecting People and Systems for the Future of Population Health
How we can overcome barriers by combining our strengths and expertise to improve the collection, analysis, assessment, dissemination and application of data to make people healthier.

Medical Laboratories Can Add Value to Newly Consolidated Organizations with the Right Technology Platform
It's possible for hospital and clinical laboratory leaders, with the right technology platform that supports multi-lab environments, to provide value to a healthcare system early on.

Getting the Complete Medical Record
Taking steps to accessing the full medical record and improving interperability.

Bedless Hospitals: Tracking the Healthcare Industry's Shift Toward Outpatient Care
Discover ways to deliver care outside the hospital.

How a Diligent Technology Selection Process Changed Patient Experience
When faced with difficult tasks, keep the patient experience the priority.

Integrating Voice Enablement into the Hospital Room of the Future
Eliminate barriers to better connect with patients.

Shutting Down Silos: The Key to Moving Health IT Forward
Keep looking at the big picture when utilizing new technology.

A Shared System of Health for Soldiers, Their Families and Veterans
How to leverage technology to increase the quality of care for veterans and military families.

Transforming the Devices that Are Transforming Healthcare
How budgeting for medical device security can boost the bottom line.

Efficient Patient Care, That’s What It’s All About
Reflecting on how far healthcare technology has come and the positive effect on patients.

Expanding Quality Healthcare Through Health Information Exchange
Advanced and cost-effective technologies are now becoming the industry standard allowing health information exchanges to shift to solutions guided by provider workflow, information gaps and utilization patterns.

Patient Experience: The Biggest Transformation in Medicine Since the Stone Age
Patient relations has changed irreversibly as the digital transformation of healthcare turned patients from passive beneficiaries into active decision makers.

To Advance Healthcare, We Need True Health IT Transformation
For us to see the full value of the digital transformation, healthcare innovation needs a strong foundation.

Fostering Patient Engagement Through Mobile Technology
As patients seek to exert greater control over their healthcare journeys, healthcare providers are seeing a larger shift to technology.

How to Connect with Others During Virtual Meetings and Why It Matters
Tips for creating spaces that encourage people to collaborate and connect to help make communities healthier.

Recognizing Leadership During NHIT Week
NHIT Week Awardees represent federal leaders, congressional and state legislators who have made significant contributions to the advancement of health IT.

Mobile Technology's Impact on Health Care
Healthcare transformation can be seen in the way mobile platforms have streamlined processes

Extinguish Physician and Nurse Burnout: How Health IT  Can Help Clinicans Love Their Jobs Again
Enhance workflows through reducing clinician burnout

Context Matters: Health Data Access That Helps Our First Responders
Disucssing the importance of data recovery during natural disasters.

Reflecting on IT's Transformation of Healthcare
Pratt discusses the transformation of healthcare's impact on chronic disease management, mobility and more.

The Evolution of National Health IT Week
Leary discusses the transformation of National Health IT Week from an idea to an actionable initiative.

What is Happening in Your Region for NHIT Week?
HIMSS Chapters throughout the nation holding events highlighting model health IT practices, legislation, and state policies that promote the goal of better health through information and technology.

Transforming Provider Data
The importance of accurate, up-to-date provider data is emphasized by Sorin Davis

Leveraging Imaging IT and Technologies to Optimize Health
SIIM Executive Director explains how everyone can advance the value of imaging health IT to improve patient outcomes and experiences.

Telemedicine's Success Requires Doctors and Patients to Embrace It
Barchi explains how access to the right hardware and software is important, but the human factor that determines whether or not a program will work.

The Opioid Crisis in Hospitals - What You May Not Know
Montgomery discusses the opioid crisis and what you may not know about the epidemic's effects on the clinical environment.

National Health IT Week Fast Approaching
Here are a few ways you can help demonstrate the value of health IT during this nationwide awareness week

Demonstrating the Value & Potential of Digital Health
Your voice and experience drives our vision of better health through the best use of information and technology. Join us during NHIT Week to celebrate the value and potential of digital health.

Technology's Vital Role in Healthcare and Society 
Skinner reflects on the expansion of technology's role in healthcare

National Health IT Week: Celebrating the Path to Aging in Place
Sabloff emphasizes the importance of data-enabled aging in place, homebased care models and more.

10 Ways to Celebrate NHIT in Your Town
How will your organization participate in National Health IT Week?

Blurred Lines: Healthcare Technology Management’s Future Tied to IT
Jensen discusses how HTM professionals can lead organizations by joining forces with IT counterparts to ensure the best possible collection and use of data.

Health IT and Design Thinking
HIMSS Indiana Chapter president discusses how University of Southern Indiana is joining the NHIT Week celebration.

HIMSS Leads Healthcare Communities Celebrating Value of Health IT During NHIT Week 2017
View the 2017 National Health IT Week event calendar to learn about all local and national events throughout Oct. 2-6.