Personalization of Oncology Pathways: Clinical Quality Initiatives Amid a Complex Molecular Landscape

  • Event date: October 10, 2018 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
  • Location: N/A
This webinar will provide a first-hand look at how the Dana-Farber Cancer Center is adapting its oncology care strategy in light of the rapidly evolving molecular landscape. With advances in the understanding of tumor biology and drug development, oncologists must now incorporate patient factors and preferences, tumor characteristics and genomics, and treatment toxicities and cost.
David Jackman from Dana-Farber will discuss how his team considers evidence, how clinicians make on- and off-pathway treatment decisions at the point of care, and how varying genomic alterations in a patient’s tumor can be married to a drive towards enhanced clinical quality and an appropriate reduction in variation of treatment decisions, while maintaining a granular and “personalized” view of each patient. Dr. Jackman will also review how Dana-Farber uses analytics and real-world evidence alongside clinical experience and published evidence in a continuous-learning framework.
  • David Jackman, MD
  • Louis Culot