Another way to celebrate NHIT Week is to provide a tour of your facility for local and state officials, such as your congressional representative, state legislators, or state health IT coordinator, journalists that cover healthcare, IT personnel and business leaders.

If you are in a healthcare facility such as a hospital, you may want to conduct a tour to illustrate how technology, specifically electronic health records, are simplifying and improving the delivery of medical care. To set up a tour, follow these steps:

Establish a NHIT Week Event Team
Internal event team members may include an events coordinator or meeting planner, a marketing communications expert, a media or community relations staff member, a manager or other leader, IT professional and any other staff members that might enhance the planning effort.

Hold a Kick-Off Meeting
With the NHIT Week team in place, hold a NHIT Week kick-off meeting where you assign specific tasks to team members. Appoint an overall event manager. It is the event manager’s responsibility to ensure that all team members complete their tasks and adhere to your timeline and budget.

Develop a Timeline
Work with the appropriate team members to develop a timeline for the event. The length of the timeline will depend on the complexity of the event, but generally, the timeline should be at least eight weeks.

Create a Budget
While most of the events and activities are relatively inexpensive, there are associated costs in successfully implementing a facility tour. These costs might include signage and banners for the event, flyers, invitations, advertising, food and the costs associated with getting the word out. These out-of-pocket costs should be reflected in a budget.

Manage Logistics
The event manager is responsible for ensuring that each team member stays on schedule to complete his or her assignments on time and within budget.

Invite the Guests
Guests for your event might include local and state officials, such as your congressional representative, state legislators, or state health IT coordinator and reporters that cover healthcare, IT or business leaders. In your invitation, highlight NHIT Week and why it matters, and explain how the government officials will benefit from attending (example: learn how federal/state/local HIT investment improves the quality of care for patients in the district).

Place Follow-up Calls to Targeted Guests
Many of the people you are inviting are busy with complicated schedules. Placing a personal call will help get your event on their radar screen.

Submit the Event to the NHIT Week Calendar
Send the event and the details to the official NHIT Week calendar at, by filling out the Event Form or emailing Please note whether it’s open to the public or by invitation only.

Hold the Event
Once the planning is complete, it’s time to hold the event. Be sure that all of your team members know their roles and responsibilities – especially your IT professionals.

Report the Results to NHIT Week Organizers
We’d love to hear all about your success so be sure to let us know how it went. Send an email to