Host an internal event to thank your staff, or close partners, for all they do throughout the year. This can be a breakfast, lunch, happy hour, or other fun activity. NHIT Week promotional materials (coming soon) including banners and posters, are available as decorations. Be sure  to incorporate announcements sharing what NHIT Week is all about in the schedule. Of course you will want to tailor your message depending on the focus of your organization or specific staff roles.

The event can also function as a workforce development opportunity to bring meaning and context to what your staff does every day. Educate staff in other departments on how integral IT is in everything they do, such as creating efficiencies or improving quality. Share innovations that are on the horizon that may not only make improvements for day-to-day tasks, but advancements that will transform care. 

Designate a planning team across departments to organize the event and incorporate different ideas/view points. When people are involved in planning or executing an event, they are more engaged in the overall process and outcome. Whether it is volunteering to help with logistics, welcoming guests, or planning the agenda, there is a place for all staff members to lend a hand and get involved.