NHIT Week Partners Showcase the Value of Health IT

National Health IT Week is an annual and nationwide collaborative forum showcasing the essential role and important promise of health IT for transforming healthcare in America. It is an independent week made up of partner-driven events offering healthcare stakeholders an opportunity to unite under one banner, one message: the benefits health information technology can bring to U.S. healthcare.

Expanding the Value of Health IT: With the theme of Expanding the Value of Health IT, NHIT Week 2016 recognized partners as the linchpin of this collaborative forum from Sept. 26-30. During this week, public and private healthcare constituents came together in partnership to educate industry and policy stakeholders on the value of health IT for the US healthcare system. The almost 400 collaborating organizations helped promote this vision of better health with IT throughout the week by spreading the word at local, regional and national levels. They demonstrated their commitment to health IT by hosting events, publishing blogs and articles, emails to constituents, creating videos, tweets and more. 

“Each year, NHIT Week brings together people and organizations from across the country to celebrate the need for and value of information technology in improving health and healthcare,” said Thomas J. Leary, vice president, government relations, HIMSS North America. “This year, President Obama issued a proclamation in recognition of NHIT Week 2016 as our HIMSS chapters in Alabama, California, Colorado, Florida, Nebraska and New York worked with their state legislators to issue state proclamations.”

“Since its introduction more than 10 years ago, NHIT Week 2016 has evolved to partner-driven support and activities across the country. This year, our partners held 38 events, both virtual and face-to-face, that provided education and discussion on the vital role health IT plays in the delivery of quality patient care,” Stephanie Denvir, senior director, strategic relations, HIMSS North America. 

Highlights of the week included:

  • Almost 400 NHIT Week 2016 partnering organizations
  • 38 events across the country (combination of virtual and face-to-face)
  • Significant impact through social media outreach with 59.7 million #NHITWeek impressions and 8.5 million impressions for #IHeartHIT
  • #IHeartHIT stories from people across the country highlighted the value of health IT in their lives

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