#IHeartHIT Stories

Elizabeth Hartley-Sommers
Over the course of my life as a patient, caregiver, nurse and HIT professional, I have seen the evolution of HIT first hand. We are ... Read more
Kristin Hagen, ACMSS, Executive Director
I heart health IT because not only am I a career clinical informatics professional and healthcare provider, but I am ... Read more
Mindi Bolssen
With a patient portal literally at my fingertips via my smartphone, I have twenty-four seven access to schedule my routine healthcare exams, ... Read more
Doug Dietzman
Leveraging health IT to aid in achieving the Triple Aim is not just an intellectual exercise. For me and my family, making healthcare more ... Read more
Nicholas Shadoff
In the 15 years I've been working in the healthcare IT field, I have heard a lot of complaints. "Oh, those darn nurses don't ... Read more
Misti Janikowski
Because of these automated systems that worked within her medical record, and the care she received, I had extra time with my mother. Read more
Jack King
Some experiences move us in ways that we never imagined. Being present in the moments that most challenge us, often change us. Unfortunately, for ... Read more
Alison South
Health IT, to me, means saving the lives I love most. Up close and personal, health IT and the wonderful Oncology team at UCSF’s Moffitt Cancer ... Read more
Gregg Prothero
My personal healthcare story starts when my perfectly healthy mother couldn’t fight off an innocuous cough. After multiple visits, her PCP ... Read more