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Kim, Rushton
Every project in the healthcare world has an underlying common goal: better patient outcomes. Today’s technology helps us to more efficiently and effectively achieve this,... Read the story
Patty, Mechael, EVP, Personal Connected Health Alliance
I have always been an early adopter of technology, and as a public health professional, have always looked for new ways to apply technology to address public health... Read the story
Elizabeth , Hartley-Sommers
Over the course of my life as a patient, caregiver, nurse and HIT professional, I have seen the evolution of HIT first hand. We are doing amazing things that touch so many... Read the story
Kristin, Hagen, ACMSS, Executive Director
I heart health IT because not only am I a career clinical informatics professional and healthcare provider, but I am also a woman who suffered debilitating injuries at age... Read the story
Mindi, Bolssen
With a patient portal literally at my fingertips via my smartphone, I have twenty-four seven access to schedule my routine healthcare exams, review my lab results, review the... Read the story


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